Ugandan 12 Step Recovery groups becoming stronger

Steadfast shepherds

Despite the pandemic Pastor Stephen and his wife Rebecca continue to visit and strengthen the groups who are following the 12 Step program of recovery form addiction.

Wonderful testimonies of freedom and healing

Chris Wanyakala says in his testimony that he had been a drunkard since 1996, until last month when he felt convicted by the Spirit of Jesus and a calling to proclaim His name.

Chris a Recoverer
Chris sharing his testimony

He speaks of having seen many accidents and deaths in his community during his lifetime. The Spirit showed him people who might die, and he engaged with them, praying for them that they should live.

He has embraced the 12 Step program and obtained sobriety. His wish is to join with Pastor Stephen and engage with the work to spread the message of hope throughout Uganda.

May he remain strong in his conviction and see the fullness of the harvest of rescued souls he has been shown.

Another testimony is that of Veron Katenya. Although he is young, and just left school, he became a captive to addictions.

Digging for clay
Veron brick-making – digging for clay

His life has been transformed by the 12 Steps, and through membership of the “Exodus” group in Mayenze; he makes a living now by making bricks from clay.




Group projects

Projects created to provide a focus for the groups, to learn new skills and to provide an income continue to flourish.

Two day old bunnies
Rabbit project – two day old kittens (=bunnies)

As well as the manufacture of bricks, there is bee keeping and rabbit breeding. It is important for people to learn not to pick up rabbits by their ears!

Praise the Lord for healing of individuals, families and communities. It is to be hoped that young people in particular will learn from the testimonies provided, and that many will see the transformation obtained in the lives of the “Overcomers”!

May Pastor Stephen and his wife Rebecca be strengthened and blessed in all they are doing, not just among those who are addicted, but also their school and orphanage.