Prayer required for safety of Pastors

Pastor Johnstone’s accident

Last week Pastor Johnstone suffered an accident while riding his motorcycle, which he uses when visiting the large number of recovery groups he supports; another motorcyclist struck him from behind.

As well as being badly shaken he has suffered painful injuries to both legs, which bled quite freely; thankfully no other serious injury was sustained, such as a head injury.

Motorcycle accident in Kenya
Pastor Johnstone following his motorcycle accident

He is making a good recovery, but has required the prescription of antibiotics in addition to pain killers.

The distances that he has to cover to visit the groups are considerable; roughly a radius of 125 miles from his home. The roads are very bad with deep ruts and loose surfaces. In the rainy season many of the roads are impassable.

Road challenges

The Highway Code in parts of Kenya is more a matter of a “shared understanding”, than a system of rules to be rigidly observed; and there is often considerable inventiveness, both in terms of right-of-way and what might be reasonably carried on a motorcycle in terms of goods and passengers.

Bed on motorcycle
Bed on a bike
Four men on motorcycle
Four on a bike

Livestock such as pigs are not uncommon; up to 5 adults and children are unremarkable; a load comprising a sofa, two armchairs and a coffee table is not unseen.

In addition there are many other hazards not commonly encountered on our roads, such as roaming livestock and wild animals.

Please pray

Please pray for continued growth of the Recovery groups and of the churches.

Also in the light of this accident please remember to include in your prayers Pastor Johnstone’s rapid recovery, and protection for the pastors as they travel on hazardous roads with difficult surfaces, unpredictability of what might be encountered, and ¬†with the potential for collisions with other travellers.