Situated in East Zambia, Lundazi is a small but important town close to the border with Malawi.

Shiloh Hands of Hope Foundation

This ministry was founded in December 2012 by Rev Lackson Chipeta and his wife Fainess and has its central church in Lundazi. Other churches have been founded in Bowe, Kapomba, Boma, Lusuntha, Mapala, Chikomeni and Chizingizi. By grace and dedication it has grown to include 5 staff members and 12 Community Service Staff Volunteers, supported by 7 Board Members

Pastor Lackson
Rev Lackson Chipeta

One of the core values of the Foundation is community service, targeting child-headed households, widows, infants, pregnant mothers, the disabled and the vulnerable, the elderly, youth groups and now the addicted.

It is involved in provision of community healthcare training, sustainable agriculture to provide food security, clean drinking water, women’ s  and children’s rights, and overcoming poverty through micro-enterprise.

Shiloh represents:

  • a place of distribution of blessings
  • a place of hope and comfort
  • a place of worship
  • a place of healing and deliverance
  • a place of happiness and peace

Dynamic church

Recent activity has included a series of community healthcare teaching seminars to healthcare facilitators; bible-based “Marriage Encounter” to couples and pastors; leadership training to pastors alongside traditional and civic leaders, using “Heart Attitude” methodologies, all in conjunction with Links International.

Other projects include the goat project – supplying goats to communities for the purposes of breeding; the taxi-bicycles project; and clean water, with provision of filters, again in conjunction with Links.

Addiction issues

This was discussed during a visit in 2017 as part of a Links team teaching nutrition. The six communities present acknowledged that it is a big problem for them.

A return visit by Links was organised, and in March 2019 training was provided in four of these localities: Kapomba, Mapala, Bowe and finally at the Church Centre in Lundazi, both to sufferers with their spouses; and to the pastors, who will be undertaking the follow-up.

Shiloh Hands of Hope Pastors
Fainess (left) and Rev Lackson (right) with the Shiloh team of pastors

Such follow-up will be arduous, particularly to Bowe the road to which is particularly bad, requiring a two hour journey, the vehicle often at a remarkable degree of tilt, and the need to ford a river.

Nevertheless, the need is great; groups taught were of the order of 80-100.