Growth in recovery – June 2019

Pastor Johnstone continues to work diligently supporting 11 recovery groups both sides of the border between Uganda and Kenya. This is most remarkable as the average distance he has to travel to reach each group is 120 kilometres!

The number of members has now grown to 93. Sixteen have achieved sobriety, in terms of being sober for more than six months, and five have come to accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

In addition 3 brewers of beer have changed their ways and found other means of livelihood.

Akuuru group
Pastor Johnstone with recovery group in Akuru, Uganda. Recoverers are holding their copies of the Twelve Steps

Here is Pastor Johnstone standing with the group at Akuru, Tororo, Uganda having supplied copies of the Twelve Steps to members of the group.



Another group in Boresha, Kenya have also received copies.

Boresha group
Recovery group in Boresha, Kenya with copies of the Twelve Steps