Group Growth in Uganda during lockdown

Visits to groups continue in Uganda

Pastor Stephen has been able to revisit the various groups during the pandemic, for teaching and encouragement.

Pastors at Wandago church
Pastors Stephen and Zakaliya distancing during lockdown November 2020

He reports that the groups are growing; people are being saved from addictions; families are finding strength together; new groups are forming, including a new one at his home church in Mayenze; and the projects are flourishing, providing means of income.

Projects provide prosperity

Church at Wandago
Pastor Zakaliya and Pastor Stephen on left with church congregation in Wandago

In Wandago, where Pastor Zakaliya Wakhata leads the church, people have become sober but continued to produce alcohol for sale. With the introduction of the teaching concerning breeding of rabbits they have been able to stop distilling alcohol, as there is a greater income produced from the rabbits.

One of the first lessons to be learnt was to hold rabbits in a certain gentle way, as seen in this video; and not by the ears, which although it might seem convenient is painful.

A happy bunny is likely to produce the greatest number of offspring!

They are determined now to try the bee keeping, which Pastor Stephen has also provided teaching for.

Ugandan bees
Buzzing beehive at Konta Sironko

This has already started in Konta Sironko, where colonies of bees quickly became established in two hives; a third one is about to be put in position.