Clean water for Tongaren

Amazing grace

Pastor Johnstone reports that that at last there will be a supply of clean, fresh water in his village of Tongaren, Kenya.

Pastor Johnstone
Pastor Johnstone watching water works in Tongaren

This has been made possible through the amazingly gracious donation by a Christian NGO called Anidaso ( based in Dallas, Texas. They have engaged another West Kenyan NGO, called Hope Water Africa, to drill bore holes and instal pipework and pumps to provide a clean water supply.

Diarrhoea the big killer

In the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic it is easy to loose sight of the biggest killer among diseases: diarrhoea.

Hope Water Africa pipes for Tongaren
Pipework for water supply
Borehole drill
Drill for borehole in Tongaren

This kills over 4000 African children a day.

The generous donation by Anidaso and the splendid work of Hope Water Africa will certainly reduce this figure.