Christmas celebrations in Mayenze and return to Bukhadala

Christmas 2020 – celebrations in Mayenze

Great celebrations were possible this year at Pastor Stephen’s church and orphanage.

As well as celebrating the recovery of so many sufferers, his daughter Susan has given birth to their first grandchild; her first Christmas!

God Cares Foundation
Rebecca and orphans Mayenze Christmas party 2020

Many orphans who are cared for by God Cares Foundation, led by Pastor Stephen and his wife Rebecca; as well as pupils at the school, enjoyed the feast.

Review of recovery groups

Pastor Stephen continues to regularly visit as many of the groups as he is able in the face of lockdown because of Covid 19.

In general the projects are doing well, including the bee project with which there was some uncertainty initially in many communities, owing to lack of knowledge of harvesting the honey safely. This appears to have been overcome.