Bugobero pig breeding

Recovery group project

The Recovery group in Bugobero, Uganda started in 2018, thanks to the efforts of Pastor Stephen, who travels widely visiting many communities.

During the first visit to the group in March 2018 the white ants were taking to flight as they left their nests. They are very good to eat, apparently; but they are not a commercial proposition.

White ants nest
White ants leaving their nest and taking flight in Bugobero   







Pigs less likely to fly

Pigs are much less likely to fly away, as well as more easily marketed; the breeding of pigs has been embraced by the Recovery group as a project to create wealth in their community.

Pig breeding in Bugobero
Pig breeding in Bugobero by Recovery groups








The temptation to eat them rather than breed them will always be there, and formal agreement between group members is needed for breeding programs and marketing, as well as secure housing for sows and their litters, in a land with so many predators; often with two legs!