Bees a’buzzin’ in Kenya

Pastor Johnstone in Tongaren, Kenya has been very busy during the time of lockdown, which has prevailed worldwide as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic.


His group in Machakha now has eight beehives, all of which have been successfully colonised by bees.

Beehives in Kenya
Beehives in Machakha, Kenya

It is hoped that other recovery groups will gain from the experience and construct hives of their own, making use of the knowledge to gain a rich food source and means of income.



The rabbit project is now also succeeding.

Rabbit hutches in Kenya
Kenyan rabbit hutches


Initially the rabbits being reared were attacked by some animal which killed them without devouring them, but now secure hutches have been constructed and the project is a success.

Rabbits in Kenya
Malchakha bunny

Once the restrictions are lifted it is hoped that other groups will see what is possible, so as to be able to answer the question commonly posed by sufferers who are still drinking: “If we don’t drink, what are we going to do?”

To have vision and purpose is essential in recovery.