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Complete Recovery Continues

Tireless pastors

Despite all the restrictions that have been put in place, on top of all difficulties associated with climate and roads, the pastors have continued to serve the communities and recovery groups.

Uganda – Pastor Stephen

The groups in Sironko, Uganda, shepherded by Pastor Stephen, have stepped out to construct a church building.

Spiritual recovery
New church building in Sironko, Uganda






In Tororo there is growth not only of the Recovery groups, but also

Recovery group rabbit project
Rabbits galore in Uganda!

among the rabbits in one of their group projects, which are being bred as a source of meat and finance.




Kenya – Pastor Johnstone

Pastor Johnstone has been visiting a local prison over a number of years, teaching the Recovery program and preaching the gospel. There has been some resistance to his teaching by the prison Chaplain, which prevented my joining him on my last visit.

He meets prison inmates both individually and in small groups, and reports that there is a thirst and hunger for God’s word; it is hoped to send funds shortly to purchase Bibles, which cost about the equivalent of £7.00 each.

Zambia – Pastor Lackson

Pastor Lackson Chipeta and his team have been active in Zambia, and report that “the project is going very well indeed, with 120 people having given their lives to Jesus Christ”.

Bible study groups have formed, and they are training 15 Recovery groups.

May the Name of the Lord be glorified.

May he show mercy to all those who seek His blessing, and give strength to His faithful servants, who work so tirelessly snatching souls from the pit of addiction.

Group growth and baptisms in times of Covid

Impact of Covid

The pandemic has severely impacted the communities served by the Pastors, with sickness and ensuing deaths. The restrictions which have been adopted by most nations has meant that groups have been unable to meet and travel has been limited.

Pastor Johnstone laments being unable to hold the annual sports event for Recovery groups as has occurred in previous years, which has been such a blessing in bringing families and communities together.

Growth and Recovery

Nevertheless, he was able to bring together seven groups for an annual meeting at the new church, although it was with restricted numbers. By God’s

Church in Tongaren
Annual meeting in Tongaren church. Roof yet incomplete

grace there has been growth in all these groups, with recovery and healing.

The roof of the church remains incomplete owing to shortage of funds.

Pastor Lackson in Zambia reports that 10 new groups have been formed in 2021, each with 15 – 20 members.



Many of those who have made recovery from their addiction go on to make a decision to follow Jesus, as a result of their Spiritual Awakening, and are baptised. This has been the case in Zambia:

Recoverer baptism
Baptisms in Zambia – Lundazi Recovery group








…in Uganda, where sixteen members were baptised in October in Tororo, following the teaching of “Healing of the Human Spirit”;

Recoverer baptism in Uganda
“Recoverer” being baptised in Uganda








Recoverer baptism
Baptism in Kenya of “Recoverer”, October 2021









…and in Kenya, where those being baptised included people who used to brew the beer, as well as Recoverers.

Group Projects

Pastor Johnstone reports that group projects are developing in the communities served in Kenya, and include: sheep keeping; poultry; dairy farming; soap production; education for vulnerable children; bread making; goat keeping; wood workshop.

Bee keeping is not popular due to fear of stings, and the initial expense of making hives.

These are merely those various projects that have become established and are operating within 5 miles of his house.  Machakha has become something of a hub supporting the surrounding area, visited by local government officers belonging to Bungoma County Assembly, who are watching how things may develop which may be used elsewhere.

Building work in progress in Machakha, Kenya

The bricks that Pastor Johnstone made are finally being used to build the new church building, which is just in time.

New church building for Machakha, Kenya
New building of Machakha Church of Christ going up

The agreement reached with the school has been that the old building was to be vacated by the end of April.

The borehole and pump are already in use; very soon the site will be providing fresh spiritual water as well as healthy clean drinking water.

Pumping water at Machakha, Kenya
Girl pumping clean water from borehole at Machakha Church of Christ

It is to be hoped that all who worship in the new church will be set free from whatever may spoil their life, including the bondage of addiction.

A new building for Machakha Church of Christ

The need for the church to move

In February we reported that thanks to the generosity of Christian donors in the USA a borehole was drilled and a pump installed to provide a supply clean fresh water to Tongaren for the first time.

Pump of borehole
Donor Dedication on pump of borehole

It was hoped that this might be positioned alongside the church; however, Machakha Church of Christ led by Pastor Johnstone stands on land which is immediately alongside the village school, and it was therefore considered to be inappropriate to use the present grounds of the church for this purpose, with a constant traffic of people using the pump, which would quickly become a social centre.

New land

Accordingly the school provided new land for the church some distance away, in straight exchange for the land on which the church building

Pumping water at Machakha, Kenya
Clean water flows at the new site of Machakha Church of Christ

presently stands, with the agreement that the corrugated iron roof of the old building could be reused for the new building.

This, however, left the need for concrete for the floor; and bricks and cement for the walls.

DIY bricks

Pastor Johnstone has manufactured the bricks using the local clay soil, and the Potter’s Wheel has provided the funds for the remainder of the build.

Making bricks at Machakha
Pastor Johnstone making bricks for the new church

It is hoped that the well and the church will satisfy both the physical and spiritual thirst of the community for many years to come; acting as a hub to reach into the surrounding area,  with transformation of communities, improved health, strengthened families and freedom from all those things that would spoil peoples’ lives, such as addictions; through preaching and teaching by Pastor Johnstone and his team, revealing the knowledge and love of Jesus.


Update from Zambia

Recovery from addictions

Pastor Lackson Chipeta and his team continue to support the Recovery groups in the various communities in and around Lundazi in Eastern Zambia.

Shiloh Hands of Hope Pastors
Fainess (left) and Pastor Lackson (right) with the Shiloh team of pastors

He reports that 57 people have made a full recovery from drugs and alcohol, with many more continuing in the program.

Many of the Recoverers have chosen to be baptised at Easter.

Hallelujah! May they become fully healed, Spirit-filled and faithful ambassadors of the Kingdom with all necessary to form new groups.

New groups

Five new groups have opened in Chisomo and Chiwe communities;

Bowe teaching
Pastor Lackson at a teaching event at Bowe

the total membership of these groups being 85. May they grow strong in spirit by means of scripture and the 12 Step program.

Prayer required for safety of Pastors

Pastor Johnstone’s accident

Last week Pastor Johnstone suffered an accident while riding his motorcycle, which he uses when visiting the large number of recovery groups he supports; another motorcyclist struck him from behind.

As well as being badly shaken he has suffered painful injuries to both legs, which bled quite freely; thankfully no other serious injury was sustained, such as a head injury.

Motorcycle accident in Kenya
Pastor Johnstone following his motorcycle accident

He is making a good recovery, but has required the prescription of antibiotics in addition to pain killers.

The distances that he has to cover to visit the groups are considerable; roughly a radius of 125 miles from his home. The roads are very bad with deep ruts and loose surfaces. In the rainy season many of the roads are impassable.

Road challenges

The Highway Code in parts of Kenya is more a matter of a “shared understanding”, than a system of rules to be rigidly observed; and there is often considerable inventiveness, both in terms of right-of-way and what might be reasonably carried on a motorcycle in terms of goods and passengers.

Bed on motorcycle
Bed on a bike
Four men on motorcycle
Four on a bike

Livestock such as pigs are not uncommon; up to 5 adults and children are unremarkable; a load comprising a sofa, two armchairs and a coffee table is not unseen.

In addition there are many other hazards not commonly encountered on our roads, such as roaming livestock and wild animals.

Please pray

Please pray for continued growth of the Recovery groups and of the churches.

Also in the light of this accident please remember to include in your prayers Pastor Johnstone’s rapid recovery, and protection for the pastors as they travel on hazardous roads with difficult surfaces, unpredictability of what might be encountered, and  with the potential for collisions with other travellers.

A new church in Kenya

Churches together

Pastor Johnstone continues to strengthen and grow the Recovery groups in Kenya, based around Churches of Christ in Tongaren.

He reports that another new church has formed from one of the groups in a village called Ambichi.

Pastor Johnstone serving at monthly meeting of three churches
Churches together in Machakha

Once a month he brings churches together for a time of fellowship and teaching. This month brought together the new church, together with Machakha and Kakamwe congregations.

On the 13th March it is planned to have a day of Women’s Seminars.

At such events people come together to discuss the problems and fears that they have in common as well as to learn. A common fear is that their partner might continue to drink or use, or may have a slip or relapse, starting their old habit once again with the chaos that may bring. Together as they meet they can draw strength and hope from one another.

“A day at a time” is a commonly used slogan in recovery programs worldwide, especially in early recovery.

May His Spirit lead them, guard them and give them peace.

Ugandan 12 Step Recovery groups becoming stronger

Steadfast shepherds

Despite the pandemic Pastor Stephen and his wife Rebecca continue to visit and strengthen the groups who are following the 12 Step program of recovery form addiction.

Wonderful testimonies of freedom and healing

Chris Wanyakala says in his testimony that he had been a drunkard since 1996, until last month when he felt convicted by the Spirit of Jesus and a calling to proclaim His name.

Chris a Recoverer
Chris sharing his testimony

He speaks of having seen many accidents and deaths in his community during his lifetime. The Spirit showed him people who might die, and he engaged with them, praying for them that they should live.

He has embraced the 12 Step program and obtained sobriety. His wish is to join with Pastor Stephen and engage with the work to spread the message of hope throughout Uganda.

May he remain strong in his conviction and see the fullness of the harvest of rescued souls he has been shown.

Another testimony is that of Veron Katenya. Although he is young, and just left school, he became a captive to addictions.

Digging for clay
Veron brick-making – digging for clay

His life has been transformed by the 12 Steps, and through membership of the “Exodus” group in Mayenze; he makes a living now by making bricks from clay.




Group projects

Projects created to provide a focus for the groups, to learn new skills and to provide an income continue to flourish.

Two day old bunnies
Rabbit project – two day old kittens (=bunnies)

As well as the manufacture of bricks, there is bee keeping and rabbit breeding. It is important for people to learn not to pick up rabbits by their ears!

Praise the Lord for healing of individuals, families and communities. It is to be hoped that young people in particular will learn from the testimonies provided, and that many will see the transformation obtained in the lives of the “Overcomers”!

May Pastor Stephen and his wife Rebecca be strengthened and blessed in all they are doing, not just among those who are addicted, but also their school and orphanage.

Clean water for Tongaren

Amazing grace

Pastor Johnstone reports that that at last there will be a supply of clean, fresh water in his village of Tongaren, Kenya.

Pastor Johnstone
Pastor Johnstone watching water works in Tongaren

This has been made possible through the amazingly gracious donation by a Christian NGO called Anidaso ( based in Dallas, Texas. They have engaged another West Kenyan NGO, called Hope Water Africa, to drill bore holes and instal pipework and pumps to provide a clean water supply.

Diarrhoea the big killer

In the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic it is easy to loose sight of the biggest killer among diseases: diarrhoea.

Hope Water Africa pipes for Tongaren
Pipework for water supply
Borehole drill
Drill for borehole in Tongaren

This kills over 4000 African children a day.

The generous donation by Anidaso and the splendid work of Hope Water Africa will certainly reduce this figure.


Baptisms in Uganda

The Church is growing…

Despite all the problems surrounding the present pandemic Pastor Stephen has been very active supporting his churches and the recovery groups.

Uganda baptisms
Waiting patiently for baptisms

Twenty find salvation

He reports that at a gathering for baptisms at a local river at Mayenze 20 people were baptised into a new life.

Baptisms in Uganda 2021
Baptisms Pastor Stephens churches February 2021

Thirteen of these people are Recoverers:

  • From Bugobero: 3
  • From Bugema:    2
  • From Mayenze:  8

A day of great rejoicing with a fresh hope!