A new church in Kenya

Churches together

Pastor Johnstone continues to strengthen and grow the Recovery groups in Kenya, based around Churches of Christ in Tongaren.

He reports that another new church has formed from one of the groups in a village called Ambichi.

Pastor Johnstone serving at monthly meeting of three churches
Churches together in Machakha

Once a month he brings churches together for a time of fellowship and teaching. This month brought together the new church, together with Machakha and Kakamwe congregations.

On the 13th March it is planned to have a day of Women’s Seminars.

At such events people come together to discuss the problems and fears that they have in common as well as to learn. A common fear is that their partner might continue to drink or use, or may have a slip or relapse, starting their old habit once again with the chaos that may bring. Together as they meet they can draw strength and hope from one another.

“A day at a time” is a commonly used slogan in recovery programs worldwide, especially in early recovery.

May His Spirit lead them, guard them and give them peace.