Group growth and baptisms in times of Covid

Impact of Covid

The pandemic has severely impacted the communities served by the Pastors, with sickness and ensuing deaths. The restrictions which have been adopted by most nations has meant that groups have been unable to meet and travel has been limited.

Pastor Johnstone laments being unable to hold the annual sports event for Recovery groups as has occurred in previous years, which has been such a blessing in bringing families and communities together.

Growth and Recovery

Nevertheless, he was able to bring together seven groups for an annual meeting at the new church, although it was with restricted numbers. By God’s

Church in Tongaren
Annual meeting in Tongaren church. Roof yet incomplete

grace there has been growth in all these groups, with recovery and healing.

The roof of the church remains incomplete owing to shortage of funds.

Pastor Lackson in Zambia reports that 10 new groups have been formed in 2021, each with 15 – 20 members.



Many of those who have made recovery from their addiction go on to make a decision to follow Jesus, as a result of their Spiritual Awakening, and are baptised. This has been the case in Zambia:

Recoverer baptism
Baptisms in Zambia – Lundazi Recovery group








…in Uganda, where sixteen members were baptised in October in Tororo, following the teaching of “Healing of the Human Spirit”;

Recoverer baptism in Uganda
“Recoverer” being baptised in Uganda








Recoverer baptism
Baptism in Kenya of “Recoverer”, October 2021









…and in Kenya, where those being baptised included people who used to brew the beer, as well as Recoverers.

Group Projects

Pastor Johnstone reports that group projects are developing in the communities served in Kenya, and include: sheep keeping; poultry; dairy farming; soap production; education for vulnerable children; bread making; goat keeping; wood workshop.

Bee keeping is not popular due to fear of stings, and the initial expense of making hives.

These are merely those various projects that have become established and are operating within 5 miles of his house.  Machakha has become something of a hub supporting the surrounding area, visited by local government officers belonging to Bungoma County Assembly, who are watching how things may develop which may be used elsewhere.