Bugobero pig breeding

Recovery group project

The Recovery group in Bugobero, Uganda started in 2018, thanks to the efforts of Pastor Stephen, who travels widely visiting many communities.

During the first visit to the group in March 2018 the white ants were taking to flight as they left their nests. They are very good to eat, apparently; but they are not a commercial proposition.

White ants nest
White ants leaving their nest and taking flight in Bugobero   







Pigs less likely to fly

Pigs are much less likely to fly away, as well as more easily marketed; the breeding of pigs has been embraced by the Recovery group as a project to create wealth in their community.

Pig breeding in Bugobero
Pig breeding in Bugobero by Recovery groups








The temptation to eat them rather than breed them will always be there, and formal agreement between group members is needed for breeding programs and marketing, as well as secure housing for sows and their litters, in a land with so many predators; often with two legs!


Distributions by Pastor Johnstone

Greater Needs in the Covid Pandemic

It is not hard to imagine the problems faced in rural communities in Kenya during the lockdown, where people are so dependant on one another, their relationships and community action.

This is particularly the case for those in the process of recovery from addictions, as there are not only the problems common to all of anxiety, social isolation and reduced income, but also the inability to meet in groups with other Recoverers to share strength, healing and hope.

Facing the need

Pastor Johnstone has remained busy as far as he is able visiting and encouraging members in the vicinity where he lives, sometimes as small groups but more commonly as individuals.

Distribution by Pastor Johnstone
Food distribution and masks at Machakha, Kenya Church of Christ, to Recoverers donated by The Potter’s Wheel through New Life Rehabilitation Concern (CBO) by EV. Kapa


During July he was able to distribute food and face masks to those groups he could reasonably access.



Future plans

Pastor Johnstone is hoping to complete the purchase of a second hand motor cycle soon, which will make visiting and supporting the groups easier, rather than being dependant on motor cycle taxis.