Kingdom work continues during world pandemic

Thankfully most African nations have been somewhat graciously spared during the Coronavirus pandemic, relative to Europe, South American countries and the USA, .

It should be remembered, however, that the big killers in Africa are malaria, which kills over 4000 African children a day, and worse than that diarrhoea, which kills more people than malaria and AIDS combined.

During this viral pandemic similar restrictions to those which prevail in the UK, apply in Kenya, Uganda and Zambia, with social distancing, no group gatherings, etc. This means there are no church services, resulting in reduced income for pastors and for those dependant on them, such as their orphanages; and no recovery group meetings either.

Busy pastors

Nevertheless the pastors are active using their mobile phones and visiting individuals also small groups to give the encouragement needed wherever they can.

Pastor Johnstone and his grandchildren making beehives

Literature was supplied to enable bee keeping at the visit in February. As a result Pastor Johnstone has started to make bee hives to master the skills needed, which he can then pass on to the recovery groups as one of their groups projects, providing not only nourishment but also a source of income.

It was good to discover that the cockerel received as a kind and unexpected gift by the recovery group at Buwamayi, which incidentally was given the name Charlie, continues to thrive in his new home at the orphanage of Pastor Stephen in Uganda.

The fact that he hasn’t yet been eaten implies that so far there is a sufficiency of other things for so many small and hungry mouths to eat.

Long may it be so!

May Charlie live to see many of his grandchildren; go to it Charlie!